Our purpose as recorded in our constitution is to promote the Christian Faith and its values amongst the church members and the community at large throughout Scotland and the world.

  • This is achieved principally through holding weekly meetings and conducting programmes for alleviation of poverty, assisting the elderly, and ministering to the spiritual needs of all members of the church and the society at large.
  • To advance the Christian religion by serving the community as a local church, providing a place of worship open to any persons desiring to worship the one True and Living God. This is done in accordance with the Old and New Testaments of the holy Bible.
  • To promote, encourage and mobilise Christian prayer, worship and evangelism/mission
  • To provide Christian discipleship/mentoring opportunities through Provision of teaching, Lifestyle modelling, Creating practical application situations for trainees, To supply training materials and other Christian resources, To attend resource and facilitate training schools, seminars and conference events at which the stated aims are similar to that of the Ministry.
  • To establish links, promoting Christian unity, through networking with other bodies whose stated aims are similar to that of the Ministry.
  • To promote a greater awareness of Christian values by preaching and community evangelism
  • To bring practical aid into the community wherever possible; Relief of Poverty Advancement of Religion , Advancement of Citizenship or Community Development, provision of recreational facilities, promotion of religious and racial harmony.
  • Provision of charitable grants, donation, gifts and loans to individuals and organisations.