The Father’s House is a family Church located in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. We provide safe and conducive atmosphere where individuals and families can grow and flourish in their Christian faith and discover their destinies in God. We promote, encourage and mobilise Christian prayer, worship and evangelism 

About TFH

Our purpose as recorded in our constitution is to promote the Christian Faith and its values amongst the church members and the community at large throughout Scotland and the world.

This is achieved principally through holding weekly meetings and conducting programmes for alleviation of poverty, assisting the elderly, and ministering to the spiritual needs of all members of the church and the society at large.

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Enjoy Powerful Messages for Great Ministers of God


God’s blessings

Half of what is happening to you is the outward manifestation of expression of God’s blessings in your life


A dream is a spiritual and pictorial message received while asleep, commonly in varying degree of symbolism. A dream is like a multimedia package which can range from mere auditory to complex cinematographic presentation.

A heart to heart connection

Each time one receives a dream, something of nature of God gets embedded in the heart of the dreamer (a heart to heart connection).

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